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This collection of Madness Network News was painstakingly compiled and resized to make the full 45 issues available in textbook format to libraries, universities and the general public. Madness Network News began as a San Francisco Bay Area newsletter in 1972 and evolved into a quarterly newspaper whose readership extended to a national as well as an international level. Madness Network News became, in essence, the voice and networking center for the Mental Patient Liberation Movement in the United States, unapologetically advocating for the full human dignity, self-expression and human rights of people labeled "mentally-ill." Ceasing publication in 1986 Madness Network News remains an invaluable historical and primary source material that continues to elucidate the concerns and lives of people diagnosed as "mentally-ill". It is our hope that this collection will help to preserve and immortalize our history in our own words. Please note that this is website is still under construction and will include online digital editions, miscellaneous collectors items and no-holds-barred downloads. Due to the limited quantity of the Madness Network News resized 8" x 11" reprints, all of our orders are shipped USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail.
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